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Scott in the Tampa Theatre throne
Scott plays Dr. Frank N Furter from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (RHPS) for the cast "Interchangeable Parts" that performs Saturday nights at 11pm. The theatre is called "The Beach Theatre" and it is located at 315 Corey Avenue in St. Pete Beach, FL. Admission is $5.00 and the cast performs the movie while the movie plays in the background. He has been playing this part for 14 years now in various theatres and looks the part more than just about anyone else. Scott has a real "Boss" tattoo that Frank has and he always keeps his costume perfect. He is very good at makeup and looks just like Tim Curry does in the movie. He usually wears tiny bikini underwear when he plays Frank and he has a real mink stole for the show.

For the last 6 years (including this one), he has also performed lead Frank for the huge annual Tampa Theatre Halloween RHPS show "Larger Than Life" cast and you can see him there this Friday, October 27th at Tampa Theatre around 7PM or so. They expect selling out their 1500 seats, so you'll want to order you tickets in advance through Ticketmaster when they become available around October.

Scott as Frank:
Scott in his leather jacket for the whipping scene
Scott in his dinner scene outfit
Scott in his lab scene outfit ready to shake Brad's hand
Scott in the Tampa Theatre throne
Scott in front of a Denton "billboard"
Scott in the red outfit before floorshow
Scott about 13 years ago
Scott toward the end of the show
Scott in the lab scene
Scott in the lab scene again
Slightly blurry closeup
Scott's "Boss" tattoo (same as Frank's)

At Universal Studios:
Scott at Universal Studios
Another picture of Scott at Universal
Scott & his girlfriend Jannie in their Rocky costumes
Scott & Jannie at Universal in costume again
Scott in front of the replica Denton billboard at Universal Cineplex
The Universal Cineplex sign at Universal Studios, FL
Scott performing at Universal Cineplex at Universal Studios, FL

As Frank for the Halloween Show '99:
Scott playing Frank as a vampire
Another picture of Scott as a vampire

Scott playing different roles from various "switch nights:"
Scott as Columbia on a "Switch Night," 2/00
Scott as Columbia tap dancing, 2/00
Carrie as Frank and Scott as Columbia, 2/00
Scott as Columbia, Carrie as Frank and Jannie as Riff Raff, 2/00
Scott as Columbia holding Brad and Janet's clothes, 2/00
Scott as Columbia & Ed as Eddie, 2/00
Scott as Columbia screaming for Eddie, 2/00
Scott as Columbia waving, 2/00
Scott as Columbia in the pajamas, 2/00
Scott as Columbia, '87
Scott as Magenta with Andy as Rocky, '99
Scott as Magenta, '87
Scott as Magenta with a guy Columbia, '87
Scott as Magenta gonging luggage, '87
Scott as Riff Raff, '87
Scott as Riff Raff during takeover, '87

His friend, Lisa, painted a picture of Scott as Frank

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