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You wanted the best... You got the best... The HOTTEST band in the world....

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Scott with Gene
Scott with Gene

Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Ace Frehley
Peter Criss
(The Demon)
(Star Child)
(Space Man)
(The Cat)
Bass guitar
Lead Guitar

Former members: Eric Carr, Eric Singer, Bruce Kulick, Vinny Vincent, Mark St. John

Scott has always loved KISS and he has an entire room, most of his wall space in his house and his left shin devoted to the group. When he was in his teens, he went out and got the same small drum and lightning bolt tattoo on his left arm that Peter has. He has built a stage for his 2 foot tall "Destroyer" KISS dolls and he made little speakers, guitars and a drum set for Peter. Scott owns original Kiss dolls from the 70s sealed in the original packages and tons of tourbooks and posters. He has a base guitar autographed by Gene and record covers and pictures autographed by the various KISS members and hundreds of miscellaneous items all over his house.

Scott with Gene
A picture of Gene
Another picture of Gene
Yet another picture of Gene
Scott as Gene Simmons
Scott as Gene again
Scott as Gene yet again
Scott with Paul Stanley
Scott in Paul makeup (with Peter's choker)
Scott as Peter Criss
Scott as Peter again
Scott with Bruce Kulick
Vinny Vincent in makeup

1st half of his Kiss tattoo on his left shin
2nd half of Kiss tattoo on his left shin
Scott's 2 foot Kiss dolls and stage
Kiss dolls posing
Ace doll
Gene doll
Paul doll
Peter doll and his drumset
Peter doll in "Beth" pose
Scott's Kiss masks
Scott's Kiss bears in Destroyer costumes with Kiss silver necklaces on them
Wider shot of Scott's Kiss room

The day of the Farewell Tour - Tampa (April, 2000)
Scott as Gene with a fire background
Scott as Gene in the Alive costume
Scott in the car waving
Scott buying stuff with people staring at him.
Scott with his friend Larry and Larry's son, Daryl
Guy who caught Paul's guitar
Scott holding the guitar Paul smashed

NOTE: The contents of this page cannot begin to describe Scott's love of KISS. He has just about everything worth having and knows just about everything there is to know about the group. He would do anything for KISS. I will slowly be adding pictures as I get them and adding info as soon he tells me more to write. (P.S. - I made the background image from a picture of Scott as Gene!).

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