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   Pictures from January 13, 2002
Ceci's birthday party was held on January 13th, 2002 at LaFleur's Gymnastics in Tampa since she'd expressed an interest in gymnastics. She seemed to have a wonderful time!
First, all of the kids played on an obstacle course starting with climbing up a padded mountain and then jumping down and diving into a pit of blue sponge cubes. Once out of the pit, they would walk the balance beam to return to the starting point and do it all over again.
After the obstacle course, the kids got to swing on a rope into another pit of spongy blue cubes. After that, they slid across a horizontal rope into another pit of blue cubes. Ceci's half-brother, Cameron, is in the 5th picture
Finally, before the party, everyone played with a stetched out parachute and the kids got a chance to play underneath it and do somersaults. Ceci's Barbie birthday cake is the 3rd picture and the 4th and 5th pictures are of the party.

Ceci opening Scott and Jannie's present - A Barbie "Wizard of Oz: Dorothy" doll.

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